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Design Solutions

Need a ready solution for your specific problem? Check out our product packages made on basis of most common design services 

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Products of SOTAmarket are designed in a way to cater entrepreneurial needs. We are ready for your orders, and will respond and deliver according to schedule

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You’ll always know the prices of SOTAmarket products right away. Our transparent pricing and user oriented approach is designed for your experience

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Every month, we extremely reduce the price of one item at SOTAmarket.
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Business Logo Design package, the logo design service that you’ll love when starting your brand, rebranding or for your next business project. With that package, you can rest assured to have your logo designed within 1-2 weeks, get as many as 4 revisions and professional 3D Mockups for as low as $497!

Logo Design Packages

Our packages are grounded in extensive research of customer’s needs,
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Deliverables are included in these projects?

Deliverables for each product are visible on the product page. They mainly include files such as PDFs, JPGs, Vector files, Word Templates etc. For some projects, we also deliver printed products such as Business Cards, Leaflets, Catalogs etc. 

What is the difference between cheaper and more expensive package options?

The price of our products is based on a value we provide to the customer. More expensive package options include more attention and resources from our side. Therefore, you receive higher quality end product within the service. 

When do I pay for the service?

You will have to pay a full amount for the items at our store at the moment of ordering. Without successful payment, we do not start working on your project. You have a 14-day money-back-guarantee on all of our products and services. 

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